We are a bunch of ten guys, or you can call us a colony of
ten rats. We've been together almost since schooldays enjoying
life, having fun thru all the dust & rain, heartache & pain.

Although inspired by Bob Geldof's Boom Town Rats none of us
actually is a musician, though most of us share a passion for
that kind of music.

There were a lot of suggestions about naming the group
but "Boom Town Rats" stuck to everybody's liking.
We launched ourselves by this name at our Society Funfair
in December 1985, 15 years ago and what a launch it was!.
Specially created Logos(featured above), Hand painted T-Shirts & Denims..
I can still remember the efforts each guy put in to create & paint
all those T-Shirts, still see it as a movie running in front of my eyes
when I close them & recollect.

Some of the rats have migrated now, others busy with their families &
work...makes it difficult to get together. But thanx to the Internet media
& digital breakthroughs we can still manage to keep in touch.

Bob Geldof's "BTRs" may be great, but I tell you, when we get together..
Nothing compares to us!.

So if you hear a thunderstorm brewing in the near future, don't panic...
It might just be the ten of us getting together.

*The BTRs' Website is in Constuction stage!!!!

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