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They wear dull hairbands and simple clothes, making them look like a poor old band who's trying to make it big, but their perfomance has won them a million fans across the globe; Including the late Princess Diana! Their guitaring is metallic and full of meloncholy and Mark's lyrics reach deep down to your soul. Besides that their Public Appearance is what makes them one of the biggest bands in the history of rock!

Although a group effort Dire Straits revolves around a nucleus named Mark Knopler. A superb guitarist Mark has written all the lyrics Dire Straits has played. His song Private Dancer performed by Tina Turner has been a major hit. Besides providing lead vocals and guitars to the band, Mark has also done some Solo projects, played Producer and also ventured into Film making.

Their albums have sold by the tonnes and in the mid eighties with Omar Hakim (Weather Report), Brecker brothers, Eric Clapton (The God) and the Evergreen Sting supporting them Dire Straits cut out which was probably their best Album to date...'Brothers In Arms'.

If you are a Dire Straits fan I don't have to persuade you, but if you have'nt heard Mark Knopler & Co. you are missing something...Nobody makes music as good as Dire Straits...They were, Are and Always will be...The Sultans Of Swing!



The Band.

  • Mark Knopfler - Guitars & Vocals.
  • Alan Clark - Keyboards.
  • Guy Fletcher - Keyboards & Vocals.
  • John Illesley - Bass & Vocals.
  • Terry Williams - Drums.


The Works.

  • Direstraits.
  1. Down to the waterline.
  2. Water of love.
  3. Setting me up.
  4. Six blade knife.
  5. Southbound again.
  6. Sultans of swing.
  7. In the gallery.
  8. Wild west end.
  9. Lions.
  • Communique.
  1. Once upon a time in the west.
  2. News.
  3. Where do you think you're going?.
  4. Communique.
  5. Lady writer.
  6. Angel of mercy.
  7. Potobello belle.
  8. Single handed sailor.
  9. Follow me home.
  • Making Movies
  1. Tunnel of love.
  2. Romeo & Juliet.
  3. Skateaway..
  4. Expresso love.
  5. Hand in hand.
  6. Solid rock.
  7. Les boys.

  • Love Over Gold.
  1. Telegraph road.
  2. Private investigations.
  3. Industrial disease.
  4. Love over gold.
  5. It never rains
  • Alchemy.
  1. Once upon a time in the west.
  2. Expresso love.
  3. Romeo & Juliet.
  4. Love over gold.
  5. Private investigations.
  6. Sultans of swing.
  7. Two young lovers.
  8. Tunnel of love.
  9. Solid rock.
  10. Going home.
  • Brothers In Arms
  1. So far away.
  2. Money for nothing.
  3. Walk of life.
  4. Your latest trick.
  5. Why worry.
  6. Ride across the river.
  7. The man's too strong.
  8. One world.
  9. Brothers in arms.
  • Money For Nothing.
  1. Sultans of swing.
  2. Down to the waterline.
  3. Potobello belle.
  4. Twisting by the pool.
  5. Tunnel of love.
  6. Romeo & Juliet.
  7. Where do you think you're going?.
  8. Walk of life.
  9. Private investigations.
  10. Telegraph road.
  11. Money for nothing.
  12. Brothers in arms.

  • On The Night.
  1. Calling Elvis.
  2. Walk of life.
  3. Heavy fuel.
  4. Romeo & Juliet.
  5. Private investigations.
  6. Your latest trick.
  7. On every street.
  8. You & your friend.
  9. Money for nothing.
  10. Brothers in arms.
  • On Every Street.
  1. Calling Elvis.
  2. On every street.
  3. When it comes to you.
  4. Fade to black.
  5. The bug.
  6. You & your friend.
  7. Heavy fuel.
  8. Iron hand.
  9. Ticket to heaven.
  10. My parties.
  11. Planet of New Orleans.
  12. How long?.

  • Live At The BBC.
  1. Down to the waterline.
  2. Six blade knife.
  3. Water of love.
  4. Wlid west end.
  5. Sultans of swing.
  6. Lions.
  7. What's the matter baby?.
  8. Tunnel of love.
  • Sultans Of Swing.
  1. Sultans of swing..
  2. Lady writer.
  3. Romeo & Juliet.
  4. Tunnel of love.
  5. Private investigations.
  6. Twisting by the pool.
  7. Love over gold.
  8. So far away.
  9. Money for nothing.
  10. Brothers in arms
  11. Walk of life.
  12. Calling Elvis.
  13. Heavy fuel.
  14. On every street.
  15. Your latest trick.
  16. Local hero.