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  TOM (Jerry)  
Name : TOM (Jerry).
Born On : 21st Jan 1973.
Starsign : Aquarius.
email :
Profession : Sales executive.
Hobbies : Trekking, Rockclimbing.
Favourite Color : Black.
Favourite Sport : Football.
Favourite Music : Slow pop.
Favourite Singers / Groups : Micheal learn to rock,Bryan Adams.
Favourite Albums : Summer of 69, Appetite for destruction.
Favourite Songs : Summer of 69, Paint my love, Angel.
Memorable Books : Hardy boys.
Memorable Movies : Usual Suspects,Something about Mary,Dumb& Dumber.
Favourite Actors : Jim Carrey.
Favourite Actresses : Ashley Judd.
Favourite Personalities : Rajiv Gandhi.
Dream Ambition : To work in Compaq....
Objects Of Desire : Want to go to Mars...
Favourite OneLiner : Live and enjoy life.


  Sunil Patel  
Name : Sunil C. Patel.
Born On : 08th May 1972.
Starsign : Taurus.
email :
Profession : Web Designer.
Hobbies : Finding new challanges.
Favourite Color : Black.
Favourite Sport : Cricket.
Favourite Music : G'n'R .
Favourite Singers / Groups : Red hot chilli peppers.
Favourite Albums : Dhoon.
Favourite Songs : We did'nt start the fire.
Memorable Books : The Laws of nature.
Memorable Movies : Agneepath.
Favourite Actors : big B.
Favourite Actresses : My wife.
Favourite Personalities : My grand pa .
Dream Ambition : design studio in my home and home in an studio.
Objects Of Desire : Form a group of designers to take over the world.
Favourite OneLiner : Screem in my ears but i will do what "I" think is right.

  Sanman Kelkar  
Name : Sanman Kelkar .
Born On : **
Starsign : Cancer.
email :
Profession : Web Designer.
Hobbies : Reading, Writing, Music, Movies.
Favourite Color : White.
Favourite Sport : Cricket.
Favourite Music : Anything but Techno.
Favourite Singers / Groups : Sting, Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, Cranberries, Metallica, Nirvana.
Favourite Albums : Eric Clapton Unplugged.
Favourite Songs : Every Breath You Take: Sting, Hero: Mariah Carey, Lady In Red: Chris De Burgh.
Memorable Books : Sherlock Holmes: Arthur Conan Doyle, Fountainhead: Ayn Rand, Godfather: Mario Puzo, Twist In The Tale: Jeffery Archer.
Memorable Movies : Jerry Maguire, Indiana Jones series, James Bond Series, Clint Eastwood Western movies.
Favourite Actors : Amitabh Bachchan.
Favourite Actresses : Meg Ryan.
Favourite Personalities : Mahatma Gandhi.
Dream Ambition : Write An Oscar Winning Script.
Objects Of Desire : A Ferrari F1 Car.
Favourite OneLiner : The Best Thing About Life Is That The Worst Is Yet To Come.