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Sunil Manohar Gavaskar is probably the only technically correct cricketer in the world.
Many players have big records but nobody ever played cricket straighter than Sunny Gavaskar.He is a textbook of cricket technique. His records suggest he was a great cricketer,ofcourse,but how many of you have seen a batsman play a bowler's backdrive such that it travelled just about four inches past the stumps on the opposite end to reach the boundary even before the bowler stopped in his follow through? ...And do this consistently atleast once in every innings!?.
How many batsmen have you seen bending their knees and delicately late cutting a spinners delivery almost out of the wicket keeper's gloves?The Latecut seems to have retired from Indian Test Cricket along with Sunil Gavaskar.
How many 5'4" batsmen have you seen play a highspeed short ball, aimed at his forehead, in such a way that it dropped near his feet and stayed there till a close-in fielder picked it up?All this without even a helmet to wear!.
How many cricket commentators have you seen recognise Saqlain Mustaq's "Straight delivery" just by looking at the "Seam and Shine" position of the ball at the time of delivery?Even Sachin Tendulkar has got out to this delivery three consequetive times!.
I'm not Dom Moraes but this is an effort to pay tribute to the world's greatest cricketer.I'm sure all those who have seen him play will agree with me... As for those who have not seen Sunny play and still love the game you might as well compensate a little by watching the likes of Sachin Tendulkar,Mark Waugh and Brian Lara.
Guess you were just born Unlucky.





Sunil Manohar Gavaskar.
Born: 10 July 1949, Bombay.
Major Teams: India, Somerset, Bombay.
Known As: Sunny Gavaskar.
Batting Style: Right Hand Batsman.
Bowling Style: Right Arm Medium.
Other: ICC Match Referee.

Currently retired from First Class Cricket Sunil Gavaskar writes regular columns in Newspapers, Sports magazines and for The Professional Management Group. He is also a very popular Television Commentator on International Sports Channels. Sunil Gavaskar has written three books SUNNY DAYS, IDOLS and ONE DAY WONDERS. On the ocassion of his 50th birthday in the year '99 Rupa Publications has come up with a compilation of all his three books in one called THE SUNIL GAVASKAR OMNIBUS.



The first cricketer to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket.
Highest no. of centuries - 34
The only cricketer to hit a century in each innings of a Test thrice.
Only cricketer to score 1000 runs or more in a calendar year on 4 occasions.
Only cricketer to score 5000 runs or more abroad.
The first cricketer to make fastest 1000 runs - in 78 days and 6 Tests.
The only cricketer to top score in both the completed innings of a Test on five occasions.
The only cricketer to top score in 58 completed innings.
The only cricketer to have the highest match aggregate on 36 occasions.
Highest runs (774) by a debutant.
Highest runs by any player in a series (774) against West Indies.
Maximum no. of runs & centuries scored by a player against West Indies - 2749 runs & 13 centuries.
Only cricketer to score 4 consecutive centuries at 2 venues - Port of Spain & Wankhede.
The only cricketer to hit hundreds in 3 consecutive innings twice.
Only cricketer with 58 century partnership with 18 different players.

Important Statistics .

Test Debut: India v West Indies at Port-of-Spain, 2nd Test, 1970/71.
Last Test: India v Pakistan at Bangalore, 5th Test, 1986/87.
ODI Debut: India v England at Leeds, Prudential Trophy, 1974
Last ODI: India v England at Bombay, World Cup, 1987/88
First Class Debut: Vazir Sultan Colt's XI v Dungarpur XI at Hyderabad, 1966/67
Last First Class Match: Rest of the World v M.C.C. at Lord's, 1987
Wisden Cricketer of the Year 1980

Test Career :

Batting M I N.O. RUNS HS. AVE 100s 50S CT ST
Batting 125 214 16 10122 236* 51.12 34 45 108 -
Bowling 380 15 206 1 206.00 1-34 - - 380.0 3.25

ODI Career :

Batting M I N.O. RUNS HS. AVE 100s 50S CT ST
Batting 108 102 14 3092 103* 35.13 1 27 22 -
Bowling 3.2 0 25 1 25.00 1-10 - - 20.00 7.50


ICC Match Referee Records:

Test Debut: West Indies v England at Kingston, 1st Test, 1993/94
Test Appearances: 1
ODI Debut: West Indies v England at Bridgetown, 1st ODI, 1993/94
Latest ODI: West Indies v England at Port-of-Spain, 5th ODI, 1993/94
ODI Appearances: 5