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Bombay and Cricket.

Gopal Bodhe's Aerial Photographs.

Some aerial pictures of the city shot by Gopal Bodhe. Gopal Bodhe is one of the most popular photographers in Bombay. He is the official photographer for the Indian Navy and his photos have received a lot of praise from all over the world.

* While I present this article I would like to protest against the Government policy in India which restricts an Amateur photographer from taking aerial pictures without official permission!!

Clockwise :
1. The Gateway of India...
2. Nariman Point...Bombay's very own Manhattan.
3. Walkeshwar, Teen Batti..The affluent part of Bombay.
Clockwise :
1. Worli, Nehru planetarium and Prabahdevi area.
2. The Gateway of you have'nt even imagined seeing it from this angle.
3. The Bombay Stock Exchange.