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About Myself.
Hi there! This section will tell you everything about likes, dislikes, who I am, what I am..the works!!
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  My Slampage !!  
Name : Swapnil Agaskar.
Born On : 1st November 1966.
Starsign : Scorpio.
email : ,
Profession : Printing Technologist / Graphic D'sgner.
Hobbies : Photography, Music.
Favourite Color : Black.
Favourite Sport : Cricket.
Favourite Music : Classic Rock .
Favourite Singers / Groups : Bob Dylan, Dire Straits, Eagles, Pink Floyd.
Favourite Albums : Brothers In Arms ( Dire Straits ), The Wall ( Pink Floyd )
Favourite Songs : Hotel California, Comfortably Numb, Every Breath You Take, Hurricane.
Memorable Books : Godfather, Day Of The Jackal.
Memorable Movies : Star Wars, Untouchables.
Favourite Actors : Harrison Ford, Sean Connery.
Favourite Actresses : Demi Moore, Madhuri Dixit.
Favourite Personalities : Sunil Gavaskar, Princess Diana.
Dream Ambition : Working For George Lucas's ILM.
Objects Of Desire : Black Mercedes, Gold Rolex.
Favourite OneLiner : I close my eyes to see...

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OVERVIEW.... About Me.  

Born a Scorpio on the 1st November 1966 as Swapnil Agaskar, I still have'nt found another person by the same name born before me! I've been lookin for a person with the same name who's older than me and believe me I've really looked! I would appreciate if any of you could help me get in touch with such a person, but till then I proudly hold myself as the first 'Swapnil' (Blue Dreams in our language) around.

I'm crazy about Cricket, Movies, Music and Photography. I have a collection of the Movie Tickets of all the Movies I've seen from the year 1982. I can talk Cricket and Movies and Music all day long, though I don't get much time for Photography nowadays. Don't get to play much cricket either.

I completed my Schooling from St. Thomas High School in 1982, skipped Junior College after passing the Eleventh Std. and joined The Government Institute Of Printing Technology, at Sir J. J. School Of Arts.One thing I really cherish about my family is that all four of us (my parents & my younger brother) have passed out from The J. J. School Of Arts, which is argueably the best Campus around.

I've been working for the last 14 years in the Graphic arts field of the Pre-Printing Process house Industry in an environment of Digitised Technology related to High End Color Seperation (Scanning), Digital Imaging and Multimedia. I've been working on most Highend digital Imaging Softwares on Macintosh platforms as well as IBM pcs'. As the new media emerged I shifted my focus to it and by now I am totally involved in the Internet / Multimedia and the newly emerging Broadband / Convergence technology....

.... and all this experience has led to the being of this website. Hope you enjoy it.

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