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About the website.

Hello!! Welcome to my website. If you have visited my older site (Originally published in April 1999 and then revised in December 1999) you can see that I have completely revamped the look & feel of the site. The revised look in December 1999 was quite a success and was also recommended by 'Times Computing', The Times Of India's weekly supplement. To read the article in 'Times Computing', just Click Here!.

The site is still designed in 800 X 600 resolution but I have taken off the black background color (although black is still my favourite color) and added a professional portal-like look to the site. The newest feature added to the site is the Google Search. Having signed up an affiliate program with Google, I am now able to give a search facility which is powered by the best search engine in the whole cyberworld!. An exclusive lyrics section is the attraction of this update version and includes a lot of stuff on my favourite rock groups.

File sizes have been brought down by optimising images and this new site loads a lot faster unlike the previous versions. Cool drop-down menus have been added, but theses menus are coded in javascript and DHTML, so they might not be supported in Netscape. A sliding menubar 'The Navigator' on the left will help you go from page to page thruout the site with ease. A newly designed feedback form is in place so I hope that you will enjoy sending your comments to me. You can see that my comments page is empty and waiting for your remarks.

Online Shopping has not really picked up any where in the world so I'm not surprised that my shopping mall has'nt done much business, but I did earn a few friends because of my shopping section. I still am an Affilliate Member of all the shopping Sites listed here. Whenever you shop at any of these Sites thru my Website the purchase gets registered as my recommendation and I get to earn some name as well as a little money, So if you are going to buy something at or just logon to their site thru mine. I have also included some Cool Links to some great Sites I came across while cruising...If you get the time try visiting those sites,they are worth a lookie. I have still been unable to put up my friend Venky's photo gallery on the site yet but will try & do it as early as possible.

All the script is written by me except wherever mentioned. I've borrowed some text material as well as photos from different websites and have tried to give appropriate credits wherever I found necessary. I have also given links at necessary places along with the credits, but I hope I will be excused if I missed out on doing so in some cases by mistake. Lastly I would like to thank all the Webmasters from whose site I have borrowed the material and would be happy to trade 'BACKLINKS' & 'BANNERS' if anyone's interested. A special thanx to Johnny for the word 'Thought'.

Please do take some time to fill my Feedback form or if you are in a hurry atleast Mail me your Comments / Suggestions so I can post them in my Guestbook. This Site won't look complete without your Remarks in my Guestbook and your info in my Visitor's Log. Do also try to fill the Ratings form.This will help me a lot in the webdesigning of the upcoming sites. Most importantly please write to me about any difficulties you faced in viewing this entire Site, any pages which did not open or any links broken.Please also mention the Browser (along with the version) that you used when you faced the problems. This might take a few of your precious minutes away but believe me it will help me a lot in my Profession.

Thank you for coming this far.....May the Force be with you.

Swapnil Agaskar.

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