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* The day I got a bump on my head and suffered from Amnesia for about 15 days! (But I did'nt forget to remember   ...see??)

* The day my Uncle died...He was the first generation Scorpio of my family, We share the same birthdates.

* My last year at school, When I passed the Xth std. in the year 1982-83, from St. Thomas High School.

* My Xth Std. School Picnic.

* The Rock Concert at Sir J.J. Schol Of Arts, featuring 'THE STRANGERS'.

* The day we launched The BTRs'.

* The 31st December Nights at Manori with my friends.

* The night Sanjeev lost & found his wallet when we were hiking up to Matheran on a pitch dark night.

* First visit to ESSELWORLD.

* When I recieved a cash prize for BEST BATSMAN in an Office Match.

* When I shaved off my moustache at the stroke of midnite on my 25th birthday.

* 13th September 1993. The day I first met RASHMI, my wife.


* The day I smashed my face in a bike accident in the early hours of the 5th of June 1994.

* The night Niraj left for the United States a few days before my Wedding!!!!

* The first time I saw the TAJMAHAL.

* The day Kannan boarded the runaway Rajdhani Express.

* My visit to The LAKSHADWEEP ISLANDS with Rashmi, Anup & Yogini.

* 12th March 1999, The Internet became my other life !

* 20th October 1999, The day my lil Princess was born.

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